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Global Youth Assembly is an International Youth Representative Organization made up of youth organisations, young people that seek to empower young people to take action through community and international service to create sustainable solutions to local & global challenges, connect with the global community to expand professional networks, exchange ideas with leaders & cultivate lifelong friendship around the world, develop skills to become community & global leaders.


1. The Assembly shall work for and represent young people who are 15 to 29 years of age. Unless the context otherwise requires, for the purpose of this Constitution, the term “Young people or Youth” means persons who are 15 to 29 years of age;

2. The Assembly shall act as a coalition of National Youth Councils and other youth-led civil society and private sector institutions in the world.

3. The Assembly shall recognise and accord membership and observer status to international, regional, national youth councils and other youth-led institutions.

4. The Assembly shall establish a broad-based membership with an inclusive, democratic leadership structure, representing Global youth at national, regional and international levels.

5. The Assembly shall be accountable to and shall report to youth, and consult with other related institutions.

registered office and location of the global youth assembly

1. The Assembly’s offices shall be registered and shall operate in conformity with the laws, policies and guidelines of the Global Youth Assembly, non-governmental organizations, private sector institutions and civil society stakeholders, where applicable.

2. The Assembly’s registered office and Secretariat shall be located at a designated premises unanimously agreed by the Executive of the Assembly, in consultation with the International Secretary (Administration).

3. The location may be modified by a decision of the Executive of the Assembly.


1. The Assembly shall be a non-profit organization, and none of its net income or net worth shall be used to the personal benefit of its members.

2. The Assembly shall create and use its own logo and such other instruments as may be deemed necessary, subject to the approval of the General Assembly and in conformity with the principles and policies of the GYA.

3. The Assembly shall be incorporated under the relevant laws of the country in which its registered office is located, and its membership and activities shall be international in scope.


4. The Assembly shall seek and make grants from and to, and cooperate with, other specialized organizations and agencies; enter into agreements and contracts; and acquire consultative status or Observer Status through accreditations with United Nations agencies including the Economic and Social Council along with other national, regional and international bodies worldwide; for the purposes of mutual recognition, partnership, and programme design and delivery.